Tuesday, April 19, 2011



picture by: deviantart

Some say, it is easy to talk when you are not feeling it. indeed, it is true. and yes, others is trying to help even they don't feel what you are going through. be thankful, because they are your friend that is willing and trying their best to help you. although nothing can ease the pain that you feel inside, and somehow you still feel alone in spite of other people around you.

This, is the time when Allah is testing you. at your weakest point where Allah want you to turn and put you trust on Him. although what behind hurts you, and what ahead scares you, remember, Allah is never fail to help you.

When you are lost, really lost, remember Allah is there for you. You are very lucky because Allah is keep on watching on you.

This dunya is temporary. And akhirah is our mission and our real home. remember, there is always a solution for every problems that we have. Allah won't let us fall, aight? He love us. That's for sure.

It's worth to struggle so much here and it's worth to be patient all the way through. be yourself and make others happy, because that will surely make you happy too.

I love you and i always do.

Eventhough, i know...

Things change. people change. everything change and I really have to adapt to the new changes and face the reality. Allah definitely will help. Because He is the best planner , right?

Yes, i know i can do this. So do you.

Keep praying and praying.

May we meet again in jannah with His blessing, insyaAllah.

p/s: my dear harir, this is for you.