Thursday, August 28, 2008

eat fat and u get thin part 3


~reduce your intake of refined carbohydrate
~exercise only if you want to
~Don't try to lose more than 1 kilo a week
~Leave the fat on meat
~Eat a high-protein breakfast
~If you are not overweight, don't diet

1] Reduce your intake of refined carbohydrates
-u can eat as much as u want of any meat, fish,poultry,cheese,cream ,butter and eggs-anything that is high in protein and fats and low of carbohydrates.
-u can eat as much as u like of green leafy vegetables:cabbage, cauliflower,brocolli,lettuce, celery and so on.
-Although there are some carbohydrate foods.such as sugar and cereals,that is advisable to cut out altogether wherever possible ,it is not necessary to stop eating fruits and vegetables,merely to cut down on SWEETER, STARCHIER ONES. For maximum weight loss, it is necessary only to reduce the amount of them you eat so that your total carbohydrate intake is no more than 60 grams a day..Note, however that 60 grams limit is only a starting point while u r slimming..Once u r down to correct ur weight,it will be possible to increase ur carbohydrate intake without regaining weight..
-u can also achieve weight loss,albeit more slowly,merely by reducing ur intake of the more carbohydrate-dense foods such as those listed below. The foods that u should be most wary of,while u r overweight, are:

*sugar,sweet and candies
*bread,biscuits and pasta
*cakes,sweet pies,puddings and other sweet desserts
*jams,jellies,honey and syrups
*sweet, fizzy drinks unless they are low calorie
*fruits that are tinned or cooked in syrups
*dried fruits
*root vegetables

2]exercise only if u want to
-exercise has its place on healthy lifestyle and has social function.But as a means of losing weight it is a dead loss.Only do the exercise and sports you enjoy!

3] don't try to lose weight more than 1 kilo a week..
-coz it s dangerous. be patient=)

4] Leave the fat on meat
-Do nut cut the fat off meat. Dont remove the skin from chicken, or duck..Use FULL CREAM milk in preference to semi skimmed or skimmed; eat ur fruit with cream if u wish!

5]Eat high protein breakfast
-has high protein breakfast in d morning in such a way ur blood sugar level are high and u will not have to snack between meals..A good old fashioned breakfast-eggs n bacon- is ideal, followed by, let say, orange..add tomatoes n mushrooms..

6]If u r not overweight , dont diet!
-If u r within the acceptable weight range for ur height, u may not lose any weight on this regime, as it will not let ur weight fall below ur natural weight.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

eat fat and get thin part 2


assalamualaikum warahmatullahiwabarokatuh

k, we continue on part 2..

if lets say, we r on dieting..typical advice is to avoid fat right? but then, what d book says was different..does a high fat diet cause nausea?

some may say that they find high fat diet nauseating. They associate the word 'fat' with blubber or greasy food. It is noticeable, however, that they usually have no difficulty eating fat if it is called 'butter' or 'cream'.. The person who cannot stand 'greasy food' usually has no problem eating chocolate..[juz like me..ehheh]

if u really cannot stand the sight of visible fat on succulent piece of meat, u can avoid palate by choosing foods that are high in invisible fats or the acceptable fats that u eat now..After a while, u will find that u will come to relish the crackling on fat on a piece of roast beef and u will be back to d ideal diet.At this stage fat will only make u feel nauseous if u try to eat more of it than ur body wants. Listen to ur body and fat will not be a problem!=]

Although at first sight this looks like a high-fat diet, it really is not. There is no need to add fat to anything, for instance. Merely eat it as it comes: dont cut fat off meat, or drink skimmed milk. You may find than u are actually eating less fat than u did because u are not eating the cakes and sweets that combines fats with sugar..=]

k lah, we continue in next that x bored baca bnda nih...ehehe..

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

eat fat and get thin part 1


assalamualaikum warahmatullahiwabarokatuh..

just nak share sumthing about diet..mungkin rmi antra kita yg nak diet but dont know how exactly d way unutk kurgkn berat badan..and masa kat umah kak long, she suggest me to read 1 book..[it doesnt mean saya nk kuruskan bab2 to have a healthy lifestyle memang sgt2 dituntut kan..=)
n maybe i could share it with d d author write it in i juz rewrite wat he said in a simpler way..

if u r overweight and u dont want to be, be under no illusions:u r going to make some changes to d way u eat-permanently. with most diets that usually means adopting a low-calorie, low fat u know, tis doesn't doesnt work because it is unnatural and u simply cannot live dat way, rite?

the best way to lose weight and keep it off is to stop 'dieting' and eat naturally. that is what eat fat, get thin is:a perfectly normal and more importantly, natural way of is a 'diet' only in d sense that anything u eat constitues ur diet..

eat fat n u get thin is probably unlike any other diet u have ever s not low-calorie-u need never be hungry s not low fat fact,d more of d 'right' fats u eat, d more weight u lose.. it is as well to be aware of what u r trying to achieve before starting this diet..what u r embarking on is an unrestricted-calorie diet..u may be eating between 2000 n 3000 calories a day.But dont bother counting them,they are irrelevant. you must however, restrict ur intake of sweet and starchy food..[ex like rice, sugar]..u may find that merely cutting down on these food is sufficient or u may have to make a more conscious effort to avoid eating too much of them. Let ur appetite be ur guide. Eat as much protein and fat as yur body tells u it needs. Historically, people have preferred these combined in d propotions of 1 prt to 3 parts lean protein.

the fallancy of balanced diet
[ typical balanced diet]
eat some food from each of d groups everyday:
meat,poultry,fish n eggs or dried beans,peas n nuts.
milk and milk products
butter,or margarine fortified with vitamin A n D
bread, flour n cereals[bak kata kak long cereals ni kene cari yg no sugar..coz cereals kat market now contain cahbohydrate alone which contain lots of sugar wic is not gud for those yg nak lose weight=]]
green n yellow veg
potatoes n other root vegs
fruits such as oranges,grapefruit n tomatoes..

k till then..see u next entry!=]