Tuesday, August 26, 2008

eat fat and get thin part 1


assalamualaikum warahmatullahiwabarokatuh..

just nak share sumthing about diet..mungkin rmi antra kita yg nak diet but dont know how exactly d way unutk kurgkn berat badan..and masa kat umah kak long, she suggest me to read 1 book..[it doesnt mean saya nk kuruskan badan..ehehe..tp bab2 to have a healthy lifestyle memang sgt2 dituntut kan..=)
n maybe i could share it with d readers..as d author write it in english..so i juz rewrite wat he said in a simpler way..

if u r overweight and u dont want to be, be under no illusions:u r going to make some changes to d way u eat-permanently. with most diets that usually means adopting a low-calorie, low fat regime.as u know, tis doesn't work.it doesnt work because it is unnatural and u simply cannot live dat way, rite?

the best way to lose weight and keep it off is to stop 'dieting' and eat naturally. that is what eat fat, get thin is:a perfectly normal and more importantly, natural way of eating..it is a 'diet' only in d sense that anything u eat constitues ur diet..

eat fat n u get thin is probably unlike any other diet u have ever tried.it s not low-calorie-u need never be hungry again..it s not low fat either.in fact,d more of d 'right' fats u eat, d more weight u lose.. it is as well to be aware of what u r trying to achieve before starting this diet..what u r embarking on is an unrestricted-calorie diet..u may be eating between 2000 n 3000 calories a day.But dont bother counting them,they are irrelevant. you must however, restrict ur intake of sweet and starchy food..[ex like rice, sugar]..u may find that merely cutting down on these food is sufficient or u may have to make a more conscious effort to avoid eating too much of them. Let ur appetite be ur guide. Eat as much protein and fat as yur body tells u it needs. Historically, people have preferred these combined in d propotions of 1 prt to 3 parts lean protein.

the fallancy of balanced diet
[ typical balanced diet]
eat some food from each of d groups everyday:
meat,poultry,fish n eggs or dried beans,peas n nuts.
milk and milk products
butter,or margarine fortified with vitamin A n D
bread, flour n cereals[bak kata kak long cereals ni kene cari yg no sugar..coz cereals kat market now contain cahbohydrate alone which contain lots of sugar wic is not gud for those yg nak lose weight=]]
green n yellow veg
potatoes n other root vegs
fruits such as oranges,grapefruit n tomatoes..

k till then..see u next entry!=]

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