Wednesday, August 27, 2008

eat fat and get thin part 2


assalamualaikum warahmatullahiwabarokatuh

k, we continue on part 2..

if lets say, we r on dieting..typical advice is to avoid fat right? but then, what d book says was different..does a high fat diet cause nausea?

some may say that they find high fat diet nauseating. They associate the word 'fat' with blubber or greasy food. It is noticeable, however, that they usually have no difficulty eating fat if it is called 'butter' or 'cream'.. The person who cannot stand 'greasy food' usually has no problem eating chocolate..[juz like me..ehheh]

if u really cannot stand the sight of visible fat on succulent piece of meat, u can avoid palate by choosing foods that are high in invisible fats or the acceptable fats that u eat now..After a while, u will find that u will come to relish the crackling on fat on a piece of roast beef and u will be back to d ideal diet.At this stage fat will only make u feel nauseous if u try to eat more of it than ur body wants. Listen to ur body and fat will not be a problem!=]

Although at first sight this looks like a high-fat diet, it really is not. There is no need to add fat to anything, for instance. Merely eat it as it comes: dont cut fat off meat, or drink skimmed milk. You may find than u are actually eating less fat than u did because u are not eating the cakes and sweets that combines fats with sugar..=]

k lah, we continue in next that x bored baca bnda nih...ehehe..

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